The boat will be marshaled down (practice our start on our way down) to the starting area.The starter (on the PA) will have us approach to the starting line and align us before we start. Before we do, we might have to wait for the traffic to clear. Just stay chill.

The starter will say something like..
“I will ask you all to approach the starting line together and align you one by one. If you fall behind, we will start the race without you…All boats, please approach the starting line now.” <---- cue to listen to your own steerer "Boat 1, back paddle...." <--- very distracting!! stay focus. you're not boat1 anyway. "Boat 2, back 2 seats!.." <--- you get the idea. "boat 3 HOLD boat 4 HOLD.. boat 1 and 5 HOLDDDD!!!!!!! ALL BOATS HOLD, we have alignment" "Paddlers ready? Attention Please..." (silence) *HONK!!!* The horn will go off and the race begins. (our caller will go 2....3.....4......5......6.. up up up ......the rest should be exactly like practice) *** please take your first stroke ON the HONK! then do your 2nd stroke.. on.. Different starters start the race slightly different, so be prepared and listen for the horn when you are AT the starting line. You'll be surprised how many people are outta focus. BE REALLY ALERT!

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