You may practice with different teams. There’s no rules that says you can’t.
It’s not highly recommended because different teams have different technique.
If you paddle with one team, your technique will have to adjust a bit. If you don’t, your technique will throw others off. In terms of team bonding, it’s best if you stick with one team because there are a lot of social activities that will take up a bit of your time. Your commitment to one team may be more manageable than doing multiple teams.

During racing festivals though,the short answer is NO, because the International Dragon Boat Festival says so. If you are a drummer or a paddler for a mixed adult team, you may not paddle for another mixed adult team.
It does bother other teams if you’re from a higher level team paddling for a lower level team, aka. stacking your team! If you’re caught, your team may get a warning, penalty or DQ.

If you are a steersperson, you MAY steer for another mixed adult team.

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