What to expect during practices?

That depends on your team’s level.

Typically, it’s warm up to Cambie bridge, then we’ll go over technique, endurance practices, race pieces and race home!

The practice lasts an hour and a half, sometimes shorter.

For your first practice, we’ll focus on how to hold the paddle and paddle in time with the others 🙂

What can I get out of doing dragon boat?

You get lots from joining dragon boat: friends, friends and more friends.

You get even more when you commit to this sport: learn more about  yourself, better your endurance, learn to be strong both  physically and mentally, learn to be a good team player, learn to  focus (as you know it’s very difficult), and learn to fight as a team.     It’s a team sport that will help you learn about yourself and grow.

What should I bring to practice? / Wear to practice?

Sunny Day- bring a cap, wear sun screen. (not too much on your face or it will sting you if your face gets wet), and a bottle of water. There will be small breaks in between practice pieces.

Rainy Days- a water-resistant jacket, warm clothing, a bottle of water.  Dress in layers. An extra change of clothes is also recommended.