Race day! Meet at least 1.5 hr before race time??

It’s suggested by race officials and the coaches to be with your team at least 1.5 hours before the race. You all need to warm up, get together, stand by before they call you and marshall half an hour before the race. Time is tight, so please be on time! We may paddle sooner than we’re scheduled, so you have to mentally prepare for that.

What are the restrictions for equipment?

Paddles — If you bought your paddle from our coach, you’re fine! They allow carbon fiber paddles. You may also put tape or wax on your OWN paddle only.
PFDs (lifejackets) — If your PFD is approved by DOT, CCG and DFO, you’re fine (except for manual/auto inflating jackets).
For more information, please see 2009 Rules and Regulations FAQs

Butt pads — You can bring a seat pad or foam pad to race AS LONG AS it is or under 15mm (9/16”) thick. (This standard is as of Alcan 2009)

I see people practice on the weekend before the race, that’s hard core! Can our team do that too?

They’re call “Festival Practices”. It’s not required. For new team, (who knows, maybe they’re from out of town and they just wanna have fun at Alcan) it’s important for them to at least try dragon boating for their first time before going to the festival! It’s free! They can have 3 practices on Saturday and Sunday afternoon (from Apr to June). Your team have to register with Dragon Zone ahead of time. Space is limited. Three practices per week is really hard core. Don’t hurt yourself.

Touch wood! What IF we do get involve in a boat collision?

Protocol: do not panic!! Open your ears for your STEERPERSON’S COMMAND then CALLER’S COMMAND. That’s all you gotta do. Just listen to them and nooooo body else. Steerer takes order from the water officials, y’all just listen to the steerer. Most importantly, be there for each other! It’s common that people in the boat will freak out. Help your teammates get back to it. Don’t ask why…..yet.