ABC’s of Bad Dragonboating


Choking: Death grip to the paddle

  • Arm paddling: using arm to pull water.
  • Bobbing: Lean forward & back at every stroke [instead of rotating].
  • Canoe stroke: paddle w/ top arm dropping to the knee.
  • Caterpillaring: whole boat out of time.
  • Chicken Wing: lift top arm elbow too high.
  • Choking: death grip to the paddle.

  • Doing the blender: same as canoeing.
  • Dragging: pull water beyond mid thigh & slow to exit.
  • Lily dipping: slightly dipping water w/o pulling or burying the blade.
  • Negative paddle: paddle with blade tip more backward than the T handle. Pull water at a negative angle.
  • Reverse rotation: rotating from squared shoulder to pulling backwards on the out side shoulder.
  • Rushing: paddling ahead of the strokers.
  • Scooping: scooping water into the boat while exiting @ a severely flat angle.
  • Slapping: blade enter water @ a severely flat angle.
  • Throwing dart/frisbee: Top arm bend & unbend constantly.
  • Tourist boat: looking at outside the boat while racing/paddling.

Other Bad Habits

  • Disrespecting fellow paddlers
  • Holding the paddle the wrong way: pencil grip on top & holding the shaft too high or right at the blade w/ lower hand.
  • Hunching your back to pull.
  • Keeping your head down
  • Not listening to the steerer. Especially when trying to line up boats for a race.
  • No rotation
  • Not sitting right against the gunwale.
  • Poor sportsmanship
  • Rocking left and right.
  • Sitting up in the boat – causes the boat to rock and lose speed.
  • Talking back to the coach

Contributors: John K., Hon L. m Mitch, Selena, & Vivienne L.

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