Captains (2015): TBA
Past Coaches: Kevin Mark, Anthony Cao, Brad Quan, Dave O’Connor & Michelle Ta
Current Co-Coaches: Kevin Mark & Dave O’Connor
Formed: 2010

About Us

Ring in the Year of the Dragon by being a BREAKER!!!!
The Dragon Heart Breakers is the “rec/comp” team with loads of competitive spirit. Our team’s motto is to stay fit and have fun. On the water, we work hard and gel as a team.  We challenge ourselves through the paddling season with dragon boat festivals and regattas, with this year’s highlights being the Alcan, as well as festivals at Harrison, Kelowna, and Hawaii just to name a few.    When we are not splashing around the water, we have fun with our fellow  Dragon Heart members in such activities such as snowshoeing on the local mountains, bike tours, hiking nearby trails, becoming (or not) karaoke stars,  checking out the movies and  restaurants, or just being ourselves.

During the season, we practice twice a week to develop and hone our paddling skills ready for race day! Practices are on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at the Creekside Community Centre (by the Olympic Village). Paddlers of all levels, ages, sexes, shapes and sizes are welcome.

If we’re what you are looking for drop us an. Be a BREAKER! !

Past Captains

Team Co-Captains (2014): Cody Ma and Danielle Yu
Team Co-Captains (2013/2012): Lena Jung and Cody Ma
Team Captain (2011): Herbert Lam
Team Co-Captain (2010): Alice Cheung & Angela Li