Here is a list of Dragon Hearts Teams. Cheer us on when you see those red (or black) jerseys!

Dragon Hearts Zero!

  • Level: Recreational A (Under 19 Junior level)
  • Requirement: 2 practice a week
  • Starting February

Dragon Hearts Breaker

  • Level: Recreational A/B (Adult mixed)
  • Requirement: 2 practices a week (optional fitness training)

Dragon Hearts United

  • Level: Recreational C/B (Adult mixed)
  • Requirement: 1 practice a week
  • Starting March

Dragon Hearts Thunderbreaker

  • Level: (n/a)
  • Requirement: 2 practices +

Women’s Teams

  • Queen of Hearts: Recreational women’s team (upon request)
  • Ace of Hearts: Competitive women’s team (upon request)