Team Captain: Denis Tran
Formed: 2007

In 2010, Dragon Hearts Magnum became the dream team that they aspired to be. They became one of the top teams in North America, sweeping the podium at the San Francisco International Dragon Boat Festival. The name has since been retired, but the legacy continues. Members moved on to represent Canada at the Tampa Bay World Championships, bringing home glories of gold.

About Us

We are one team with one desire.
Hoping that we can go to a division higher.
Practice by practice, we paddle harder.
Learning in the process to paddle smarter.

We will paddle in rain, sun or snow,
With ambitions that it will make us pro.
We will bring surprises along the way too,
Making teams yell N-F-W… N-F-W!

And as the end of the season comes to a near,
We will have nothing to fear.
Because our preparation will have brought us here,
With 2010 being our year.

Our statement will be bold,
and maybe it’ll come with gold.
We are Dragon Hearts Magnum,
And our time has come!!!

by Terry Huynh


*NFW= “New Found Wisdom”


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