ABC’s of Bad Dragonboating


Choking: Death grip to the paddle

  • Arm paddling: using arm to pull water.
  • Bobbing: Lean forward & back at every stroke [instead of rotating].
  • Canoe stroke: paddle w/ top arm dropping to the knee.
  • Caterpillaring: whole boat out of time.
  • Chicken Wing: lift top arm elbow too high.
  • Choking: death grip to the paddle.

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Basic Techniques


Lower Arm

  • Hold one fist up from the blade.
  • Keep your lower arm straight while you rotate, REACH + PULL until your paddle reaches your mid-thigh.
  • When your paddle reaches your mid-thigh, that’s the only time when you can BEND your lower arm and withdraw your paddle from the water . EXTEND IT STRAIGHT again– get ready for the next stroke.
  • Bending your lower arm at any other time means you are “arm paddling” (ie. you are using more strength than needed which will tire you out more quickly.)
  • Paddle close to the boat.
  • Paddle parallel to the boat.

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