Mar3rd. Attack (monday grp), welcome back!

Mar3 2013, first practice for Monday Attack grp. We were so excited to be back! Seriously. The sky was clearing up for us. There was a bit of overcast but that didn’t bother us. Outside was 9 degree but I betcha the water was 1 degree or close to 0. To start, we warmed up on land. We did an easier version of insanity which I called it not-so-insane. Push ups, planks, jumping jacks, mummy thingies, rotating double times to get our twisting motion right, and did some cooling-down stretches. I mean, we did it all. Martin worked our abs like we’re ready for the season. Honestly, not, really, we’re not. We started the night with our usual warm up drill 60 80 100 all the way to Cambie bridge. Man, we missed that so much! While we were going at 60’s, we gave him 80! We were so pumped!! Then we realized we should have paced ourselves a little better. That 60’s lasted for a few minutes and were still going at it thinking we were on 80! When coach called 80, we were like what……… When we reached 100, we were done~~ He called us down to 60 and it felt like a 10! LOL After we reached Cambie, we practiced catch, rotation refresher crash course and did seat pulls. The rule was if he couldn’t see you rotate, you were gonna seat pull with your seat partner. It was approaching 8:30 and we were shivering though we were in motion. Our fingers were numb and those who were wearing slippers couldn’t feel their toes. Coach gave us one last run and John turned the boat around for a 500m race piece. We were practicing our usual start and found out wow~~ we really need to work on our timing and transition. It’s gonna be exciting! Anyhoo, we did it! First practice, tada! Welcome to the new season, Attacks.

PS: sorry to those who showed up at 6:30pm… practice starts at 7pm. 🙁 so sorry!

Orientation coming! March 1st

Dragon Hearts is inviting you to join us at the March 1st on-water orientation to participate in paddling, learn about paddling safety and more. We’re also asking veterans to fill 7 seats. Lunch after.

Simply Email to add your name to the Email list for Orientation.

A survey is circulating to recruit volunteer paddlers for March 1st. If you haven’t received it, please EMail

Thanks 🙂
See you on the water, everyone!

New Season Welcomes You, You, and You!


Dragon Hearts Beat at Victoria Dragon Boat Festival 2013

Get your gloves, dri-fits and wind-breakers and jackets ready!! 2014 dragon boat (db) season is about to start. This time, you’re more experienced and know what to expect. You know it means to paddle till you puke and you know how important it is to work as a team. You know already who your splashers are and who wears the sexy pants to practices. All the moments you missed the most will come back as we return back to a new dragon boat season in March!

For those who have already started the season since October/November, You..I mean~.. how.. how did you do that!!!! You guys are truly amazing and dedicated. I can’t wait to see you guys in action! Woho!

For those who are new to Dragon Hearts, welcome to this family! We’ll have a lot of fun together. This team sport is remarkable. How you push yourself is up to you and your mind. We have the resources to help you reach your target. Through the process of training, you will learn lots about yourself, meet new friends and really experience the power of team work and synergy. This team will be a great addition to your life. Enjoy the season! Stay fit and positive!


ABC’s of Bad Dragonboating


Choking: Death grip to the paddle

  • Arm paddling: using arm to pull water.
  • Bobbing: Lean forward & back at every stroke [instead of rotating].
  • Canoe stroke: paddle w/ top arm dropping to the knee.
  • Caterpillaring: whole boat out of time.
  • Chicken Wing: lift top arm elbow too high.
  • Choking: death grip to the paddle.

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Basic Techniques


Lower Arm

  • Hold one fist up from the blade.
  • Keep your lower arm straight while you rotate, REACH + PULL until your paddle reaches your mid-thigh.
  • When your paddle reaches your mid-thigh, that’s the only time when you can BEND your lower arm and withdraw your paddle from the water . EXTEND IT STRAIGHT again– get ready for the next stroke.
  • Bending your lower arm at any other time means you are “arm paddling” (ie. you are using more strength than needed which will tire you out more quickly.)
  • Paddle close to the boat.
  • Paddle parallel to the boat.

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