Welcome back and hello to all new members!

We have 4 teams this year:
1. Dragon Hearts Thunderbreaker [U24 Comp Level]
2. Dragon Hearts Breaker [Adult mixed Rec A Level]
3. Dragon Hearts United [Adult Mixed Rec B-C Level]
4. Dragon Hearts Zero! [Under 19 Junior Level]
Welcome back all returning members.
We are recruiting for 2017
1. Send us an Email [dheartsclub@gmail]
2. Come join us for an orientation practice on Saturday 4 of Feb 2017
3. Give us your commitment after 2 practices.
Recruiting for Dragon Hearts Zero!
* Junior team for paddlers under 19.
* Start date: second week of February, twice a week on Mondays and Saturdays.
* Goal: top 3 junior team and Recreational A Level at festivals.
* Races: Women’s Regatta, FCRCC Knockout, DZone 500m, Vancouver Festival, Victoria and Steveston.
Recruiting for Dragon Hearts United [name will be changed]
* An adult mixed team for recreational paddlers.
* Official start date: first week of March., once a week on Tuesdays [just changed]
* Goal: Recreational C or better, depends on the crew. Win a 4th Gold Medal in Victoria.

We’re recruiting for 2016! Just send an Email to John

We are planning programs for DH Attack, Burn, and United for the 2016 season. It will be done in 3 stages:

1) Show interest Dec 2015
2) Show commitment Jan 2016
3) Show money Feb 2016. After the 2014 Victoria financial disaster: In God We Trust, everyone else pay cash up front.

The Recruiting: dead line to reply to keep you on the list: Dec 31 2015
Recruiting for DH Burn!!:

  • Starting date: first week of Feb. 2016 twice a week practice – Wednesday and Saturday morning. Goal: Rec ‘B’ level.
  • Races: 500M, Alcan, Harrison and Victoria.
    If interested, pls send an Email to: dhearts.burn@gmail.com
    We will spam you for further info.
    Recruiting for DH [name to TBA] or Attack!:
  • Starting date: first week of Feb. 2016 twice a week practice –
    Monday and Saturday morning. Goal Rec ‘C’ level.
  • Races: to be determined by paddlers at first team meeting.
    Note: depending on the response, this can also be a Monday only
    open practice team.

Recruiting for DH Attack!: one race team.

  • One ace only at Harrison. Goal: get there to have fun.
  • for experienced paddlers only. Mandatory 4 practices.
  • If interested, pls send an Email to:
    We will spam you for further info.

Recruiting for DH United: Hawaii Team

  • Race at the end of July, 99% vacation, 1% racing, no get drunk until Saturday night. Practice: at least once to do line up.
  • If interested, pls send an Email to:dragonhearts.united@gmail.com We will spam you for further info.
    We are also starting an OC and OC6 program. Those interested to join or help , pls send Email to dheartsclub@gmail.com
    More additional info of all of above, phone, call, text or FB John Ko

Practice begins!

All team practices have commenced!  Welcome back, Dragon Hearts!

The weather may be a little chilly this these days! Hang in there, the sun is coming out and False Creek will get warmer.  Just remember: DON’T STOP PADDLING! That’s the best method to stay warm. Do not forget to dress in layers, get your gloves ready for paddling!
Please Email dragonhearts.attack@gmail.com if you wish to buy any dragon boat gear (seatpad, paddle, lifejacket, jacket, paddling shoes, etc). Chances are we might have enough buyers to do a group order.  Just let us know.

Our our next agenda:
Let’s gather up all interests in local races and discuss with your team captain which races you’re committed. At the same time, be prepared for upcoming fee due dates.

The expected due dates for fees: April 1st.

That’s a wrap! 2014

The season has ended. Lots of new start and a very sad good-bye to the amazing Dragon Hearts Ultimate.
It is time to start a new journey for the veterans Ultimate. The young ones are now on to the next chapter in life: starting a family and building something new! While Ulti members goals have renewed, their priorities have changed accordingly. It is sad to say good-bye to the team but they will always be around in the Dragon Boat community whether they’re stroll along Creekside seawall with their baby strollers or paddle as casual paddler in a local team or even a committed athlete in a high performance team!

The annual season wrap up party took place at a Korean restaurant in Richmond last Friday. The service was very decent and the food was preordered and arranged by a group of committed Attackers. Budi and Shong took care of Accounts Receivable and Guest-sign-in. Thanks for settling the bill, Budi! Richard Dang took care of the seating arrangement and helpers Budi and Eugene and Little double checked the count against the table arrangement. Shong took care of the Ultimate Tree – a present dedicated to Ultimate from the Club with blessings written on little coloured flags. Tay, Eugene, Derek, Teresa and Victor took care of entertainment! Eugene was our MC along side with Budi who stood by him to make sure things run smoothly. We have Usher Little who kept the clock rolling and managed the slideshows throughout the evening. Pamela and Bunthai and Shong took care of games and big thanks to Shong who came up with all the Trivia Questions and hosted the games effortlessly. Thanks to the wrap up committee of Attack!

The highlight of the evening was Tribute to Ultimate Video with live music followed by their heart-felt speeches and Dragon Hearts Trivia. “Did you know Dragon Heart was co-found by John Ko in 1995|? It started as the original Dragon Hearts recreational into a more committed team. As the team revolves later on, Ultimate was formed and there was a core group name now known as the M&M Clan that consistently stayed in Dragon Hearts – they eventually worked their way up the ladder and became a higher performance team with the leadership of Coach Brad Howie. It’s been a great decade! The name Ultimate will always be around in Dragon Hearts. Once a Dragon Hearts – Always a Dragon Hearts. You will always be our baby!

We look forward to Dragon Hearts Club in 2015 as the club celebrates its 20th anniversary. Veterans from the past will be brought back to celebrate the story of Dragon Hearts Club in Vancouver.

As for new comers, please Email us if you are interested in joining Dragon Hearts.
Orientation will take place early 2015. Please E-mail us and we’ll keep you posted!

See you soon!
Merry Christmas!